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Atelier Gourmet

Experience 17 years of Sweet Artistry 

-   ABOUT US  -

L'Atelier Gourmet's flavors gracefully merge artisanal tradition and innovative spirit. Our French pastry factory crafts daily delight – from viennoiserie and pastries to tarts, individual desserts, cakes, ice cream, frozen treats, French macarons, and petit fours – to satisfy your discerning palate.
Our clientele includes hotels, restaurants, catering companies, gourmet markets, and bakeries. We wholeheartedly commit ourselves to offering the utmost in quality service and products.

French pastry Chef Franck Monnier, founder of L'Atelier Gourmet, embarked on his journey with a rich foundation. His early days involved stints at 3-Star Michelin restaurants and the iconic Fauchon in Paris, working alongside Chef Pierre Hermé. 

Our creations materialize fresh each day, emerging from scratch. We meticulously source the finest ingredients, leaving no stone unturned. Artificial additives are forever absent from our selections. L'Atelier Gourmet has invested in cutting-edge equipment, ensuring your experience is seamless. 



4372 SW 73rd Ave. Miami, FL 33155


305 262 5332


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